Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Braid Hairstyles 2012-13 for Asians | Party Hair Fashion

Collection autumn-winter 2011-2012 were filled with literally all kinds of braids and pigtails, confirming to the delight of many, that favorite childhood hairstyle again relevant.
The intricate braiding hair instead of the usual tail not only creates a unique image, reputation and mistress, because the ability to braid braids given not for everyone. At the same time, the skill of weaving braids can be learned, if a little effort. Kosopletenie wonderful complement the basic hair or become very basic. With all the variety of braids, braid and how they lay, perhaps, there is not one girl who will not spit.
Here we are going to share you some of the best Braids Hair Style fashion 2012-13 Asian girls as well as western fashion. These types of hairstyles are mostly like for parties and special events. Lets have a look.

Engagement Party Makeup | Party Make-over By Laiqa Hasan
Makeup/Makeover is that thing which changes your personality according to the events, Now a days a huge makeup trend/ fashion is introduced that you can't imagine, Just like, Bridal make-over, in party, Night party Makeup, day party makeup, Casual makeup, Formal makeup, Light Makeup, Cultural make-over, Sun-light mokeover etc,
The beauty of the make-over is depend on the personality of the model and Makeup Artist, Here we are going to share you some best work of Make-Over Artist Laiqa Hasan.
We have already upload bridal Makeup, Party Make Over, Night party Make-over, But here we are going to share you Engagement Party make-Over. You May also use this makeup as Party make-up for Engagement and Wedding. Lets have a look on Laiq Hassan Make-Over Work.

Latest Hairstyle Fashion 2011 | Rock Hair Styles 2013
Here we are going to share some latest, Stylish party hairstyle, Rock Chic, Chunky Waves, Curl power, Layery and hot hair styles for the year of 2010 & 2011 to rock in parties. Some of these hair fashion follows the funky style due to modern chic culture. These hair styles are far from Natural hair styles.

Hair Tips | Healthy & Shiny Hair styles

For Healthy and Shiny Hair
Take the aloe vera gel, grind it without water, and apply it on your hairs thoroughly, and wash your hair after two hours with a good shampoo then brush them, Do this for minimum 20 days, then your hairs will be long, shiny and healthy.
Suneeta Aswani (Karachi)

Hairstyle with Pins for Parties : Pinned to Perfection
Pinned to Perfection : Hair style with Pins
Didn’t think that plain old bobby pins could become a key accessory? Well they are now. These easy to access and use hair grips can look great when used n numbers to hold a style. Try picking up ones in different colours, or in metallic hue. If nothing plain black ones will also do. Can’t do an elaborate do with this? Simply use five to six pins together on the side to hold your hair styles.