Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simple and Beautiful Mehndi Designs | Simple Mehndi Designs by Ayesha Akram

Makeup has become an essential for women in all over the world. Girls used various types of cosmetics and natural abstracts to become beautiful. Mehndi is one of them natural abstracts used to draw different tattoos, patterns and designs on hands, feet and on other parts of the body. It is famous in all over the world but in South Asia it’s become a tradition. This craze evolves courage and guts to become a mehndi artist in young girls and Ayesha Akram is one of them.
Here we have some Simple but Beautiful mehndi designs by Ayesha Akram for you. Hope you will like the work of Ayesha Akram.

Bridal Mehndi Designs 2011-12 | Mehndi Designs for Brides
She9 always brings new, trendy and fabulous fashion and beauty stuff. As there is a wedding season in Pakistan and India, we have something related and something special for our special and valued visitors. There are lots of Mehndi Artists in all over the world designing and developing classical and fashionable mehndi designs for brides. Our main focus of today’s post is covering the bridal category and providing the some best bridal mehndi designs. All the following Bridal Mehndi Designs have been designed by Mona’s Mehndi Saloon, the one of best and famous Mehndi Art podium. Let’s have a closer view to all these Bridal Colorful Mehndi Designs. You will be encountered with gorgeous Bridal Mehndi Designs for hands, arms, and feet. All the designs are fabulous and symbol of creative art work.
Latest Mehndi Trend | Modern Mehndi Designs
Trend always change and reviews the new editions. Some time fashion repeat with some modification and some time completely change. If we see around us we feel that fashion or trend repeat in some situation but most of the time fashion take something new and some thing better. Just like it, Mehndi patterns. some designs are repeat with some amendment but most of the designs are new and following the modern mehndi trend. Mehndi is a tradition of Muslims and Hindus and now almost every part of the world it is being used. Many designers now use this Mehndi paste to make tattoos and designs on other parts of body as well.
Here we will present you some most Trendy Mehndi designs and pasting techniques. Hope you will like all and use one of them for events (like, Eid, Valentine days, Weddings, Raksha Bandhan days and Diwali Events) and are best for parties and you can title them as Party Mehndi.
Shafiya Refai is a good mehndi artist which follows the trends and fashion. She always produced a quality mehndi designs. She started with her thrilling of glitter pens on simple papers and then onto brides and parties then Shafiya took another step towards exploring her Mehndi services not only in Sri Lanka But also in the whole world to know.

Latest & new Arabic and indian Mehndi Design
Mehndi was a culture but now adopted as fashion in all over the world, A quality of Mehndi artists are showing their brilliant work in henna art. But here we are going to share you some brilliant mehndi work from Henna Oasis, Where artist represented her gorgeous designs in form of Indian Mehndi Designs, Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs, Bridal Henna Fashion and body mehndi art. Lets have a look on her stunning mehndi designs.