Sunday, February 17, 2013

Outfitters Winter Collection 2013

Pakistani fashion brands not only made presence in South Asian specific clothing line at world level but also competing in Western clothing line as well. We have number of brands that based from Pakistan and have a remarkable market impression. “Outfitters” is one of them. It was inaugurated in late 2003 when Times Clothing Pvt. Ltd. wanted to experience Western fashion. Since 2003, Outfitters has launched so many successful collections for every type of western clothing fashion and for every season as well. “Outfitters” is a brand name with a very clear brand image and that is quality with commitment and sustainability. The brand can be approach from all posh areas of country and it also has outlets abroad in order to facilitate international customers. “Outfitters” is committed to deliver outfits for fashionable people, who want to look different and unique. The brand has different clothing lines for women, men and kids. But at the platform of she9, we will just incorporate women clothing line of outfitters. It ranges from readymade casuals to tailored dresses with a diversity of patterns and style.

“Sher Singh” is a newly launched brand from the land of India. “Sher Singh” enormously has gained fame in the world especially in India. It was 2008, when both of the co-founders of “Sher Singh” met and after a long conversation they decided to launch first International Indian based clothing brand. They commit to be the first who will give high quality garments with a range in style and creativity to the world.
We are pleased to put “Sher Singh” brand products at she9 platform so that our valued visitors from India will get fast and effective access to this newly launched wonderful brand. Today we are placing here exclusive ladies shirts and T-shirts range available at Sher Singh online store.
Now a days not only in all over the world but also in Asia specially in Indian, Indian Girl like Shirt and tops as official dresses. That's why it might be possible that Sher Singh Store include this range due to changing of fashion. Lets have look....

Stoneage has large numbers of products covering men and women dresses keeping in view the trends and changing taste of fashion. Especially in women dresses Stoneage has more creative products those can compete with worlds best women fashion brands. Here we have some creative, fantastic and superb denim ladies dresses made by Stoneage. For ladies, Stoneage has different products in Tops, Bottoms, Accessories and Woven Shirts.
Stoneage is a part of Crescent Bahuman Ltd, one of the leading denim exporters of Pakistan. Stoneage has become the leader in how denim trends are dictated in world. Stoneage is a one-of-its-kind brand as it has recruited the very best denim design talent in the country to lead the way in creating for the discerning masses, thus ensuring quality, exclusivity and accredited style. As a premier authority on denim-wear in Pakistan, Stoneage has become an indisputable ringleader on how trends and fads are done in the blue. Stoneage will soon launch itself on a whole new level of foreign revival by branching out in bustling centers of all commercial and fashion related activities like Dubai, London and India within the next two years.