Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Beauty tips in Urdu for girls that really work. Good health is necessory for charming skin. Following beauty tips in Urdu for girls and boys. You may use this beauty tips have no side effect.So adopt healthy habits for beautiful skin.

We know that women think of others first and put themselves last. For skin care you first need to be
Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to your skin with moisture.
Eat nutritious and balanced diet to provide enough vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin C your skin.
Drink a glass of water mixed with honey to your skin shiny and smooth.
Skin massage with milk and saffron keeps your skin moisturized and supple.
Keep the room temperature slightly to prevent your skin from drying out.
Bathe in lukewarm water and mild soap. Do not take a shower with hot water as it flushed and dry skin become causes.
After a bath, do not dry your skin with a towel. Instead dry with a soft towel gently pat your skin.
Eat plenty of fruit and raw vegetables, as they are a source of fluorine, which is very important to prevent flaky skin.
Cucumbers are preventing a major source of sodium that helps wrinkles on hides. Cucumbers also help to cool the body.
Use moisturizing creams after each shower, or hand wash in cold temperatures. This gives a soft feel against the skin.
Use lotions containing hydroxyl or salicylic acid. This lotion not only moisturizes your skin, but also give a smooth appearance.
To remove scrub your skin with walnut or apricot scrub dead cells and a healthy layer of skin.
Use gloves to protect the skin during the winter at the hands of ever cracked.
Use a cuticle cream to your finger looks good.
Wash your face with a face wash in the morning and before bedtime.
Use an SPF moisturizer on your face and body when walking outdoors. This prevents damage and premature aging of the skin.
Remember to remove your makeup with a cleansing lotion before you sign up for the day. Make-up contains harmful chemicals that block the pores of the skin. This leads to bacterial infections and acne. Only a few chemicals also cause the skin darker.
Use cleansing mask once a week to keep the pores of the skin clear and fresh.

Apply a neutral color make-up that looks good on light and dark complexion.