Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to do smokey eye makeup in minutes?

Before giving you all the secrets of the smokey eyes here are some useful tips and tricks to master this technique for perfect smoky eye makeup.

The smokey eye is a makeup technique that involves creating around the eye.

Products and tools for a smoky eye?

To achieve this makeup eyelids, you must have.

At least two different eye shadows (you can get up to 5 similar colors as the palette). In terms of color, choose black, dark brown, dark blue. Even if we can apply this technique to make any color.

A flat brush to apply the eyeshadow on the eyelid.

Blending brush to blur, so the eyeshadow over the eyelid and lower lash

A kohl pencil (better than eyeliner because it fades better)

What makeup for a smokey eye?

Warning: when "door" a smokey eye, the skin must be absolutely perfect!

We choose a neutral foundation that unifies the complexion.

We apply the blush on the cheekbones to avoid bad effect induced by mine eyes heavily made-up associated with skin nude.

On the lips, not bright red! We retain this rule: if you load your eyes, you make up lips discreetly, and vice and versa.

With a smokey eye, therefore we utllise light gloss or transparent.

Eye color and smokey eye

Green eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes: the smoky eye is a makeup eyelids suitable for all colors and all shapes of eyes.

A few tips:

Hazel eyes can use warm colors such as brown, black, green

Brown eyes can also use warm colors, brown, black, green

Priviligieront black eyes brown (black lines may harden)

Blue eyes can use warm colors and cool colors: brown, black, green, blue and purple but

Green eyes can use warm colors and cool colors: brown, black, green and also blue.

Now that you have these tips in mind, let's go for the realization of your smokey eye!

Eye makeup tips in Urdu: