Monday, January 28, 2013

How to look good in winter

Tired of the dull, gray skin? No, the winter will not your skin! It explains how to find a radiant and fishing at the same time.
Start by treating your skin!

Dead cells and dirt particles are primarily responsible for a tired complexion.
Sunny days tanning can hide but as soon as winter is here, it is cata: they have free rein!

Three simple rules to eliminate

1 - Wash your face morning and evening with a purifying foaming gel (Gel cleaner-sanitizer Cautterets)
If you have combination to oily skin, then apply a cleansing lotion (Keracnyl-Ducray)

2 - Make a scrub once or twice a week (Gel scrub deep range Oreal Pure Zone it)

3 - Invest in a cream rich in antioxidants. Stimulants they contain will give a boost to your skin!
Our blow of heart two products:
The solution-treatment-anti-fatigue-24H Vitality Skin Care Yves Rocher
The smoothing elixir-makeover-Nectalys Galénic

Reboost your complexion from the inside

The winter cold weakens the body, so it must be even more energy than the rest of the year!
So double your servings of fruits and vegetables to revitalize it. In case of tiredness, take a vitamin boost for a month or two.
A little beauty tip: drink a carrot juice every morning! Guaranteed healthy glow after a few weeks.

Also remember to drink 1.5 liters of water per day to help your skin stay supple and hydrated. We forget too often, drink well in the winter because there is less thirst in summer ... However, the skin dries out more quickly due to the drop in temperature!

Cheat a little

If you do not go skiing or in the tropics this winter, buy yourself a good tanning (tanning delight jelly-Polysianes).
Avoid tanning beds that give a tan but immediately accelerate aging of the skin. A self tanner that will do you good, him!

Put one every three days, you will have less pale complexion. Be sure to apply it evenly to avoid spots. To be sure not to miss, use a washcloth.

Our tip: for a more subtle effect, mix a small amount of self-tanner cream to your day or night! You find spring complexion smooth.

Bid on nude makeup

This is THE makeup that gives ultimate look good because it is natural.
For pity's sake, forget the toast of terracotta which mask! Not only is it ugly but it's totally OUT ...

How to proceed?

1-Apply a foundation unifying the color slightly lighter than your skin tone.
We recommend L'Oreal Matte Morphose the ultra-light texture, covering and matting.
For stubborn imperfections (redness, pimples, scars), use a corrector stick tinted (range Couvrance-Avene).

2-Put the powder compact on the curved parts of your face for a tanned effect
We love the powder sun Polysianes deliciously scented Monoi de Tahiti!

3-Finish with a touch of blush on the cheeks and pink gloss hues.
Not to mention a thin layer of mascara and eyeshadow on the eyelids slightly pearly.

And now, voila, you're good enough to eat in full gloom!