Monday, January 28, 2013


Few years, the nails makeup became an art nail art. Fingertips no longer merely a nice solid color, but becomes a surface expression of creativity, a place of fantasy and fashion...
A growing trend

The nail art was born in Japan and came to France, to the United States: one remembers nails adorned with the American flag runner Florence Griffith-Joyner, the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984 a pioneer! Today, nail art is no longer the prerogative of a few stars that dictate the trends and now many addicts: the amount of blogs that are devoted to him and the explosion of nail bars show.

The art of miniature

Nail art of decorating nails with a personalized color effects, sophisticated patterns and gems. Unusual materials, colors cleverly degraded floral arabesques made stencil buffering effects obtained by lace, transparencies games... Everything is possible, just imagine a subject and compose around ...

The technical gesture

The nail art is done on natural nails or false nails come in the form of capsules to stick. If you are tempted, you can try to start one: there are many tutorials available online by bloggers passionate. You may try several times to control ultra fine brushes and stencils ... If your primary qualities are neither thoroughness nor patience, rather entrust your nail specialists in a nail bar.

On the nails...

Nothing can stop the imagination of the creators of nail jewelry: pearls, rhinestones and crystals of all shapes and colors, embossed designs, piercing, rings and chains pendant, pearl nuggets ... Some stick with a suitable varnish, others are self-adhesive. For piercing, the holes are made with a special mini-drill.