Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Glamorous Beauty Annie Khalid For AS Jeans Latest Collection

Annie Khalid for AS Jeans winter DRESSES Collection 2012 | Annie Khalid Wallpapers 2012

In this shoot you see Pop star, Annie Khalid flattering herself with AS Jeans. AS Jeans is another brand under Ammar Belal which was launched in 2003. AS Jeans designs customized jeans for their clients. They use unique approach to denim tailoring which really makes these jeans fashionable and unique to each client.

Pakistani Glamorous hot & sexy Model Actress singer Annie Khalid AS JEANS BY AMAR BILALAmmar Belal focused on being a true couture denim brand offering made to order jeans to its clients. Initially the customization was focused towards the fit of the jeans. The brand quickly developed a loyal following of premium denim lovers who craved that “perfect fit” in their jeans.