Monday, January 28, 2013

Top masks

There is something deliciously apply a mask on the face, to observe her features disappear under the thick layer of cream or gel, is that our expressions are taken as freeze trap of matter. Accept disappear, literally as well as figure - it is preferable that there be no witnesses at the scene - yes, but better reborn. Granted on all expressions that our singularity, like all visible traces of the passage of time, the tests that mark, we hope secretly that the mask will have our first face his nakedness, that we had coming out of the womb of our mother. We look ten short minutes that magic operates, that occurs between the transfers and care our skin, as in ritual ceremonies in Africa and Oceania

Hide and seek with yourself

There are correspondences between the textures almost Baudelaire cosmetic masks and unconscious representations. The purifying clay, used by our mothers, cleans the epidermis in depth, eliminates toxins, and absorbs excess sebum thanks to its effect blotter. His power has astringent action immediate area: drying, it pulls a little and tightens dilated pores mechanically. Provided, however, let dry completely. The product dries, it hardens, cracks, breaks up and detached. It's a little scary. Wash with plenty of water, preferably warm, through the muddy step to finally find his face bright, free of impurities. To alleviate the ordeal, textures fortunately evolved a lot in quality and comfort, thanks in particular to the introduction in the formulas, gums that prevent softening clay dry.

And what peel off masks, which present themselves as innocent of a transparent gel? They apply thick layer, dry up quickly freezing the traits - the absolute immobility is required for a few minutes, lest our faces and other small grin GELLED. Our face

After the mask, the renaissance

Expertly precut fabric impregnated in a product, the mask fabric glue directly on the skin and smooth with fingertips to adhere well to each millimeter. The effect is stunning; we are like the choice was a character from the commedia, a great burning behind her dressing or just a mummy after embalming. The exposure time is the same: ten minutes during which serves as a mask to hide his face represent one has to be different - a spirit, an ancestor, who returns to bless or to punish? And finality is similar: that of a renaissance, both physical and psychological.

A moment of serenity

"Falling mask" means bring up his true self, to show as we are. At this pressure the revelation that occurs between us and our mirror. It is a moment of truth. And to avoid this drama turns our beauty masks contain valuable assets, including profits will feel and see ... the naked eye. Releasing lines and immobility are necessary for the care both in depth and we can say uniform. No need to make watching television, while ironing his clothes, by answering the phone ... We need to force a move as little as possible and rest. "The steam opens the pores of the skin and elongated position in the bathtub can well relax facial features.”By creating a gentle atmosphere with a nice candle in the penumbra, the exposure time becomes that of a pause, has secluded in the privacy of her bathroom.

Skin: Did you do the right thing? Take the test to find out.

Do not underestimate the enjoyable side of the mask. There was a real pleasure to slather on the face. White as the white clown, green as Phantom’s, Black as the devil, and more recently as Gold finger or golden Tutankhamen! We play to make us afraid, be someone else for a few minutes. Care about the black, do not last for Givenchy, lace covering it invites us to explore the erotic character of sulfur Venice Carnival or Eyes Wide Shut and reminds us in case we would have liked to forget that if the mask hides the faces, the anonymity it provides stimulates the nerve impulses and releases.

Masks: 3 tips

If you have dry lips, apply a layer mask moisturizer plump.

If your skin is not too sensitive, please precede the application of a mask scrub to eliminate dead cells. Assets of the mask penetrate more easily.

If you have combination skin, apply a cleansing mask on the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and a mask cream on the eye area, cheekbones, neck.