Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jild ke Azmooda Totkey, Jild Ki Hifazat

I am publishing very effective beauty tips for face, most of the people used these tips to enhance their beauty. You can find all things from your kitchen.

Homemade tips are becoming very popular, because natural things have minimum side effects, and very cheap.

Home remedies for skin:
Sugar can be used for face massage, grind sugar and preserve in a bottle. Massage your face,when you wash your face with soup with the break of 4 or 5 days,it is very effective for black head removal.
Apple and lemon juice is good for face. Massage your face with this mixture, and wash your face fine quality soup.
Milk is the best cleanser, so get milk cream, with out boiling it, apply on face and leave for some time,in this way your skin will be fully clean and shiny.
Basen powder, haldi, and homey is also very good for skin.
Mix some honey in lemon juice and apply on the face, and leave it about 20 minutes. In this way your skin will shine.

Tips for face beauty in Urdu