Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eye makeup tips

The most precious and beautiful gift bestowed to a person by God are the eyes. The eyes are the reflection of the feelings and emotions of an individual. When we talk to about eyes with special reference to women their importance become more prominent.

Eyes require the same importance being an important part of the face while doing makeup.

In makeup to enhance and beautify the facial features eye make up is minded a lot. There are different modes to be adopted to make the eyes more beautiful and glamorous.

Eye color, dress, nature of the occasion and season are the few but very vital factors which determine the type of eye makeup.

Above all this before starting the eye make up it should be kept in mind the quality of the product and the skill you are going to employ for it.

Because a serious eye injury can result as a consequence of carelessness.

Trends keep on changing. To give the eye more glamorous outlook eye make up ranges from a smoky make up to a sharp catty appearance. Smoky make up gives you more modern and stylish looks. Black make up makes every eye perfect irrespective of its size and shape.

You can use product of any brand to enhance the beauty of your eyes. However, long lasting effect can be achieved with only quality product. But unfortunately it is not in the reach of every woman. So it is your own choice to go whether with a medicated product or a fancy one. Artificial eyelashes are also getting popular day by day. Use seasonal and waterproof eye makeup

To have prettier eyes get long and thick lashes and look beautiful because eyes are the essential part of facial beauty and lashes keep this integral part glorious.

If you wear glasses don’t feel depressed while thinking about your eye makeup. You can go from trendy to classy one with the right choice of suitable frame.

Dark eye make up in the evening with light lipstick is also significant in enhancing the overall facial features and making your make up more amplified one.